6 Reasons Girls Think YOU Are UNATTRACTIVE!

A LOT of guys really have no idea what the hell they’re doing when it comes to taking care of themselves, talking to girls, or just in general, so in the spirit of making sure you guys aren’t totally ruining up your chances with the female population, we decided to put together a list of things you guys are doing that makes you unattractive.

#1. Dressing like you’re 12 years old.

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Now I’ve said this before unless you’re actually 12 years old, don’t dress like you’re 12 years old. I thought I made it clear but since I see SO many guys still doing it, I thought I’d get really specific. NEVER wear the following out: Basketball shorts – unless you’re working out or playing basketball Those stupid Nike t-shirts with the cheesy sayings on them “BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS. NO PAIN NO GAIN. 90% BADASS, 10% ALPHA MALE. TOO MUCH SWAG IN THIS GUN SHOW BABY. Please don’t wear a shirt that says that Big ass baggy cargo pants or shorts with huge pockets and loops and straps and things hanging off. Pajama pants – holy f*** I can’t believe I even need to say this one out loud, never wear this unless you’re gonna bring your bed with you too. If you wanna change your style up for cheap, the brands I recommend are ASOS, H&M, Zara, and J. Crew Factory. These places have a ton of dope options for cheap prices, so be sure to check them out.

#2. Mustaches.

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nullNow obviously if you have a beard you’re gonna have a mustache with it as well, but I’m talking about having a creep-stache which is just a mustache with no other facial hair. There are VERY few people who can actually pull it off, so just assume you’re not one of those people. Besides, if you’re younger you won’t be able to grow thick enough facial hair in that area anyway and you’ll just end up looking creepy. You wanna make sure that if you do have facial hair, that it’s well-kept and clean looking, not scruffy and scary looking. At the same time, if you’re going for a clean-shaven look, you want it to be nice and clean, not having stubble of varying lengths all over your face and neck like you’re 11 years old and just got your first razor for Christmas.

#3. Neediness.

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I’ve mentioned this before but NOTHING will turn a girl off faster than you being needy and constantly seeking her approval and attention. Constantly hitting her up via snap, text message, and Instagram is the easiest way to ensure she WON’T like you. Instead, play it cooler, let her text you after you establish a connection, and don’t be afraid to leave the convo first to leave her wanting more.

#4. Flip Flops.

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Again, this is something I should NOT have to tell you but I still see so many young guys going out and about their business wearing flip flops and showing off their disgusting feet. And TRUST ME, nothing is more unattractive than being able to see into someone’s soul through their disgusting toenails or foot hair, you’re better off just not wearing flip flops at all, and saving them for the beach. If you just have to wear slip one, there are tons of better options, like Toms, espadrilles, driving shoes, and slip-on canvas sneakers.

#5. Sweater Vests.

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Again, I absolutely cannot believe I still see people wearing these sometimes. Wearing a sweater vest is the EASIEST way to make yourself look like you’re coming out of a Children’s Place catalog, and unless you’re 7 years old OR 70 years old, then you wanna avoid sweater vests at all costs.

#6. Getting attached way too easily.

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This is even worse than wearing 3 sweater vests and a pair of flip flops at the same time. You know those guys who talk to a girl like ONE TIME and now they’re so into her that they’re checking all her social media, texting her all the time, and not even trying to talk to any other girls because they think they’ve already found “the one”? For Zeus’s sake, bro, STOP IT! Yeah, if you have a girlfriend, don’t cheat on her. But if you haven’t hung out with that one girl multiple times already or if you aren’t even sure she’s into you too, you absolutely should keep your options open.