7 Things Men Do That Make Women Melt

We have no doubts there are real heroes among men who make girls’ hearts beat faster. Yes, there are so few of us. And, you don’t need to fight giants or windmills to become one. The secret lies in a few, simple everyday gestures that can change you from “just another guy” into “Prince Charming.”

#1. Opening Doors.

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What does opening a door for a woman say to her? Well, it says that the man who’s not too lazy to get out of the car to open the car door for his lady is at the least, attentive and well-mannered. It says that it’s important for him to know that his girlfriend feels safe and comfortable. This is an easy gesture that can seem insignificant at first but may lay the foundation of her favorable impression.

#2. Saving The Last Bite Of Food.

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when a man saves the last bite of his meal for her! It means that he cares for her enough to part with those last fries he loves so much or with this juicy steak you made for him. That’s a sign of true love right there! Trust me, it’s a pretty big deal.

#3. Wanting To Spend Time With Her Family.

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No, wait, it’s a good idea. One of the most dreaded moments in a relationship is the “let’s meet my parents” moment. So, if a guy shows genuine interest in all the baby pictures, funny stories about your siblings and everything like that, it’s a pretty sure sign that he won’t be traumatized by the moment mentioned above. He can also pick up a few conversation topics from listening carefully, by the way. If the “meet my parents” moment has already happened, and the man is more interested in spending some weekend time with his girlfriend’s family, rather than watching football with his friends and colleagues, well, many ladies will consider such a man “the one”. Even small gestures towards her family show the woman how much he values the significant people in her life.

#4. Introducing Her To Your Friends.

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A true gentleman knows for sure if he fails to introduce his lady when he meets a friend and decides to have a chat with him. The poor girl will feel unwanted an attentive man won’t let such a situation happen as he cares about his lady and needs to know she feels comfortable.

#5. Giving Presents For No Reason.

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Everyone loves getting a gift and having a holiday and by giving someone a present even a small one. It immediately makes an ordinary day a special one. Imagine how nice you would feel if your significant other gave you a gift for absolutely no reason. You should do it yourself too and if you are one of those people who like giving presents more than receiving them that’s even better for you. So be a gentleman. Pick up a small banquet for your lady on your way back home. It will make her day.

#6. Always Protected.

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This wants is a really subtle one so don’t expect women to throw themselves at you because of it Technically, nothing on this list will make them do that. this is not what the list about. But your significant other will undoubtedly feel safer with you if you just keep a watchful eye towards the man in danger of this word. Stop her from standing into a puddle protector against splashing cars by walking outside of the sidewalk.

#7. Kissing Her Forehead.

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Apparently, studies show that girls love when their significant others kiss them on their forehead. It’s also a pretty hot topic in women’s forums. Reports say that forehead kisses make ladies feel cared for, loved, respect and protected. It also means your probably higher and also that’s a plus tip. Also, there is odd research that said women used to have a pair of a lip on their forehead until they lose it due to evolution.