Job vs Business, Which one is best?

Is this Life?

There are some differences between job and business, we can add here more but these are some major points that you should know about it.


You are not your own boss.

You’ll get freedom & be your own boss.

Your hard work pays your boss.

In business, Your hard work pays you.

Job is not secured for your life.

Business is a secure job for your life.

I can’t get satisfied with the job.

In business, You will be secured & satisfied
on mental grounds.

May have payment Problems.

In Business, No Payment Problems.

Limited career growth.

In business, there is High career growth.

Fulfill Small Dreams.

In business, Fulfill Big Dreams again & again.

Won’t get family time.

In Business, Get a good amount of Family Time.

Feel like down up.

In business, you will Feel like a Responsible Person.

Can’t travel the whole world.

In business, you can Travel any place in the world.

Great companies start a business because the founders want to change the world not make a fast buck.