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Use These 3 Words To Summon INSTANT Confidence

Right now 90% of people on this planet are not living to their full potential and it’s not because they lack resources or opportunity. the reason why most people are unleashing their full potential is simply that they lack confidence.

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Confidence is quite literally like a superpower or in other words it’s a level of power that is greater in scope or magnitude than what is considered natural, confidence is like the magic ingredient that allows you to get things out of life that you never thought were possible such as time with that beautiful girl that you’ve always liked, to put it simply confidence is what you need to unleash your true potential to become something like a real-life superhero.

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Some people think that you must be one of the lucky guys who was born with confidence, not realizing that confidence is actually something that has learned over time something that most people don’t realize is that like any other mindset confidence can also be lost if it is not used regularly but confidence is also like a muscle meaning that once you build it initially it is a hundred times easier to rebuild it if it is ever lost but most men sadly have never built it, to begin with where if they did they simply didn’t build enough of it what you’re about to learn will allow you to summon pure confidence at will so that you can conquer life unleash your potential and reach the pinnacle of what you are capable of but here’s the crazy thing that nobody ever told you about confidence, the weird thing about this real-life superpower is that confidence isn’t your actual ability to succeed but rather your belief in your ability to succeed, what you believe about yourself whether it’s true or not is the thing that shapes your life and the decisions that you make every single day.

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What you’re about to learn is the most effective most powerful way to summon the confidence that you need to conquer anything in life whether it’s getting more results with attractive girls or generating millions of dollars so let us begin this trick is called the act as if meaning you must act as if you already have the level of confidence that you desire, if you were to ask one of the most confident men in the world what the secret was to his incredible confidence you probably wouldn’t believe him because he would tell you that to gain this superhuman power all that he really did was start acting as he believed in himself. we’ve all heard of the placebo effect which is a very real thing that is backed up by real science for example if I tell you that you can make a girl instantly attracted to you just by looking at her certainly even if this is not possible as long as you believe that it’s possible there is a very good chance that you will go out and actually attract girls just by doing exactly what I told you to do, this is a simple example of the placebo effect in action all humans on the planet are primarily driven by their beliefs, therefore, your belief is like a hidden superpower that you already have within you and you don’t need a million dollars or a hot girl to approve of you to unleash.

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In psychology, there is also something called a self-fulfilling prophecy which states all the way back to ancient Greece and this prophecy states that your prediction about the outcome of a situation actually influences and alters your behaviour in ways that make that prediction come true, it was Confucius who said it best when he uttered the phrase

the man who says he can, and the man who says he cannot… are both usually right.


Scientists can’t explain why the placebo effect works but they have confirmed its existence all too often we look to the external world for confidence we look at things like how many likes we got on our latest Facebook post or what kind of car we drive not realizing that the start of peer unshakable confidence comes from within it literally starts with our own belief that we can do it before anything else, at its core building peer confidence is all about taking small calculated risks and even the simple trick of acting as if you already have confidence is in itself taking one of these risks when it comes to pretty much all things in life if there is no risk then there is no reward, now the second extremely important part of gaining the confidence that you’ve always wanted involves little things called reference points.

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Think about this when you’re about to approach a girl what is it that really makes you confident in other words where does the peer confidence come from, the answer is actually really simple, the confidence to approach an attractive girl or to do pretty much anything that you’re scared of involves you thinking back to the reference points or memories of when you’ve done that thing successfully before, these reference points are like small wins or times where things went good for you and the more small wins that you accumulate over time the more confident you will be when doing whatever it is that you want to do and the key to accumulating these small wins all goes back to your belief about yourself which is why acting as if is such a powerful but simple way to instantly boost your confidence in any situation so the next time that you want to unleash superhuman confidence, simply act as if and believe in yourself then you can accumulate the small wins or reference points needed to build the confidence that will withstand the test of time.