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How To Talk To Girls And Spark Attraction

Imagine you’re just hanging out with your friends and you see a drop-dead gorgeous woman that makes your heart skip a beat and your stomach flip. You start to imagine when suddenly everything that you wanted to say to her seems to suddenly get sucked out of your brain and you’re left completely blank. Before you even have a chance to make your move, she disappears. Never to be seen again. If you’re nodding your head in agreement and reliving the frustration, don’t worry, you’re not alone. After all most of us are just not taught how to talk to women when we’re growing up. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Learning how to talk to beautiful women and sparking attraction is a learning skill just like any other and this is four tips to talk to girls to spark attraction.

#1. Opposites Attract.

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Would you like to know the key to making her sexually attracted to you? Show her your masculine side. For there to be sexual attraction you need to have polarity between masculine and feminine energy. You see the women that you probably find most appealing are deeply attracted to masculine men. Just like how you’re probably attracted to very feminine women. Just like magnets, when you put the same charged sides together they repel. But when you bring two opposite sides together, they attract. So make sure to show her a lot of your strong masculine side because she won’t want to sleep with you if you show too much of your soft feminine side. Unless she’s a very masculine woman of course.

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That means to speak loudly with a powerful low voice stand up tall and be proud. No slouching or closed body language, speak your mind and don’t be afraid to say no to her. This basically means don’t be a pleaser or supplicate and always make sure to lead the interaction and bring her into your world. And of course, have strong eye contact is absolutely crucial. These means don’t blink too much or shift from eye to eye as you’re looking at her. Now I’m not saying that you should be aggressive to her, don’t do that. But if you act like a wimp you’re not gonna get the girl, period.

#2. Emotion Vs Logic.

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One common mistake that a lot of guys make when learning how to talk to beautiful women is they communicate logically when they should be communicating emotionally. While logic certainly has its time in place, it’s certainly not the language of seduction. Women respond to emotions. For example, when you’re teasing them, or breaking rapport, you’re spiking emotions of fun and excitement, and when you’re building a connection, you’re spiking emotions of safety, security, and intimacy. On the contrary, speaking logically pretty much has no benefit when it comes to turning on women or making them want to be with you. So instead you need to speak through feeling and connect with her emotion, spark her emotions. It doesn’t mean you need to always be talking about feelings, it should almost be like an emotional roller coaster where the emotions go all over the place. If it’s just flat-lined, and then you’re gonna end up in the friend zone.

#3. Self-amusement.

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Self-amusement is exactly what it sounds like. It’s using the interaction as an opportunity to amuse yourself. This is where guys really screwed up because they do the opposite, they’re always trying to amuse her but that just comes off as needy, supplicating, and reaction seeking, and doesn’t work. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never run out of things to say, you’ll feel good talking about things that actually matter to you, instead of doing what most guys do and try to amuse her, try to entertain her, but when you’re interested in or amused by what you’re saying you’ll be speaking with enthusiasm and passion and the girl will naturally be interested as well.

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Here are a few ways to self amuse: Talk about things that you’re passionate about. When you’re talking about your interest or your hobbies speak with passion in your voice. Remember enthusiasm is contagious. Also debating topics that you find interesting. However, stay away from politics or religion, unless however her political view or religious view could be a deal-breaker, in that case, figure that out as soon as possible. You can also make jokes that you think are funny regardless of whether she thinks it’s funny or not. Now try not to offend her. You can also just tell her to do something that amuses you, for example, I like to have girls draw me pictures, and a lot of them actually do it.

#4. Qualification.

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Qualifying a girl is basically just testing to see if she fits certain criteria that are important to you and this demonstrates that you’re a man with standards and it puts her in the position of trying to prove herself to you. Perhaps most importantly it ensures that the women that you’re allowing into your life are the exact types of people you want to surround yourself with. Now before you qualify a woman, you need to take the time to actually figure out what’s important to you in a woman. For example: What personality traits do you value? How do you want her to treat herself and those around her? How do you want her to be sexual? The more specific you are with your qualifications, the clearer the image of your ideal girl will be in your head, which will make it easier for you to spot her when you see her. Once you know what you want you can simply ask the girl questions to see if she matches the qualities that you’re looking for.

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