How to Get ANY Girl You Want?

Today, I’m going to be teaching you an overview of the ULTIMATE high-level points for you to keep in mind so that you can get ANY girl you want.

#1 Become the best man you can possibly be.

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If you are not satisfied and content with who you are as a man, then how the fuck you expect another girl to be satisfied and content with you as a person? And even more, how the fuck you gonna expect her to want to give you the time of day?

If you don’t think you’re good enough, and you’re not secure in who you are and the value you can provide to the world then there’s no way you’re going to be able to convince her that you’re worthy of her time and attention.

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of becoming good at pickup. If your life and sense of worth don’t give you a stable sense of confidence and belief in yourself, then all the pickup techniques and tricks in the world won’t be able to help you get girls. This is THAT important. Becoming the best you will make you the type of guy that girls are attracted to and will make them want YOU instead of you being the one to chase them.

If you lack the confidence to commit on your open and just do it half-ass, she has to trust your judgement that you aren’t her best option, she will treat you like a half-asser!

Warren Buffet’s business partner Charlie Munger says: “the best way to get what you want in life is to deserve it! The world isn’t crazy enough to go about highly rewarding a bunch of undeserved people!” This wisdom applies in the dating world as well! If you want to consistently date the best women and have them chasing after you, your best bet is to become her best option. Be the type of man that your ideal woman would like to date! Said differently: be the kind of person that you would want to date if you were in your ideal partner’s position! When guys spend time scheming on how to trick a woman, instead of spending it trying to be a better man, that is wasted time. The good news is, that the vast majority of my clients are very high-quality men already, and just need help to communicate their legitimate value to a quality woman! I’m sure your audience is full of these men as well. Even if they are too young to be top dog YET, they are on that path to be a fantastic catch for a fantastic girl!

#2 Eradicate Neediness.

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If you were ever wondering what girls hate most in the world, it’s mothafuckin neediness. It’s probably the biggest reason you get rejected by girls. You text them too much, you hit them up every single day, you constantly need validation that they like you and are still interested and a lot of other pussy shit like that. A guy’s neediness can be broken down into 2 main things: 1) they’re not confident, and 2) they don’t have enough going on in their own life to be satisfied with themselves. If you have a lot of dope shit going on in your OWN life, then you’re not even going to have time to be a mouth-breathing weirdo who’s stalking the girl you like on Instagram and Twitter all day. You’ll be too busy living your own life.

NEEDINESS is GROSS If she wanted a needy child in her life, she could adopt a starving orphan, she doesn’t need a man to fill that role… Anytime you’re trying to convince her or persuade her that you’re her best option, she already knows you’re not! It should be so clear to her after 2 minutes of her speaking to you that you are not like the others, and you are a man she would definitely benefit from paying attention to, that she is eager to follow your lead and go meet your friends or accept a mini-date from you right there! This is the very foundation of being the Buyer in the Buyer/Seller dynamic, AND to get the type of women you want!! She should see the value of an alliance with you so clearly, that she’s solving logistics and trying to close YOU!

#3 The Buyer’s Mentality.

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Buyer’s mentality is a crucial element of the game, especially if you want to be a high-status guy. Buyer’s mentality is when you position the conversation and frame with the girl as if you’re the buyer and she has to sell herself to you in order for you to be interested in her. It flips the script on her and makes her vie for your attention and validation instead of you doing it to her.

The key to “pulling off the buyer’s mentality”, is that you actually have to believe you are valuable to her. You should be the Superhero of your ladies’ life! She should be prepared to take your cape to the dry cleaner’s on a moments notice, because she knows you’re a champ and she’s excited to stand in your corner and support you! To get that calibre of woman, you must know who you are and know what you want, and be outgoing and chat up a lot of girls, but be willing to walk away after a couple of minutes, if you see she isn’t a great fit for who you are and what you’re doing! Building this kind of lifestyle requires you to be a prospector, not an alchemist…

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