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7 Ways to INSTANTLY Make People Like YOU!

Charisma is one of the key attributes that can open a lot of new doors for you in both your personal and professional life if people find you charismatic everything becomes easier you’ll be invited to a lot more parties get more success with girls have an easier time a job interview school and in your professional life.

#1 Empower People Around You

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This is probably the most powerful method for appearing charismatic let me reiterate charismatic people are like magnets everyone loves being around them a shortcut to being magnetic like this is to empower the people around you. In today’s world, everyone is just jealous envious and tries to bring people who are doing better down going against this norm will instantly make you stand out.

you’ll realize that if somebody starts sharing your goals or plans with you they will probably sound a bit insecure about it because nowadays everyone gets ridiculed and made fun of for trying to achieve something that’s out of the norm so when you reply with words of encouragement support advice and belief in that person. you will instantly win them over because they’re probably used to the exact opposite and this external validation is something. Most people require an easy phrase you can use to make those around you feel empowered it is the phrase of I have a lot of respect for that or I have a lot of respect for what you’re doing now if you are hearing that from somebody wouldn’t you feel good about what you’re doing damn right you would.

#2 Touch

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Now by touch, I don’t mean going around fondling everyone’s insight you definitely don’t want to be doing that but touch is a hallmark of the charismatic person so you should definitely be warmer and incorporate touch into your interactions with people. This is the easiest thing you can integrate to your everyday interactions instantly and it makes a world of difference. simple things like following a handshake with an enthusiastic bro hug tapping somebody on the shoulder when they say something funny and so on in fact following a handshake with a bro hug is something I do every time I greet someone I know this because it makes them instantly happier to see you and it draws them to your presence so next time you DAP up your friend hug him and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

#3 Confidence

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Using confident language and showing conviction in your affirmations are what show you are truly behind what they’re saying and believe in it. This conviction in your language is what makes you magnetic and will make people want to follow you. In order to speak with this level of conviction now, you’ll need to be totally confident in yourself and be void of self-doubt. You don’t have to walk around the city with a fake grin all the time but smiling when people talk to you will make people perceive you as friendly positive confident and of course charismatic. You will also appear less aggressive and less threatening so people will feel comfortable in your presence this helps especially if you’re talking to a shy and insecure person.

#4 Be The Source Of Positivity

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Positivity shouldn’t be only on your face but also in your behaviors and actions positivity is contagious and nobody has enough of it so when you become the source of it. People want to be in your presence a lot more it’s easy for people to pick up on who has a positive mindset and when people who are dwelling on negative thing 24/7 suddenly talk to someone who brings them out of that face for a moment when this happens they’ll literally want to follow that person all the time.

#5 Quit Complaining

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once you start complaining about things you are destroying all the positivity you just created by reminding everyone about all the negativity. it’s okay to acknowledge negative things but that’s the difference from complaining about them complaining is just crying about how bad things are and not doing shit about it you can acknowledge a negative thing with a positive mindset just by calling it out and instead of dwelling on it and describing how shitty the situation is. Instead, talk about how to overcome this negative thing how to get the best out of it or just how to get through.

#6 Improve Your Appearance

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This might sound too shallow but it’s true. There’s this effect in psychology called “the halo effect” and the theory pretty much says that if you’re physically attractive people will also associate you with positive psychological attributes such as confidence intelligence and essentially all those attributes that make people be perceived as charismatic. that’s why working out having a solid hygiene routine taking care of your skin like I mentioned before and wearing stylish clothes will also help you out with appearing charismatic because people will just assume you’re a better person than if you opted to not do those things.

#7 Joke Around With People

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Being charismatic is great but being charismatic and also funny multiplies your perceived charisma by a longshot this is why people who are funny are also typically charismatic. Charismatic people make people feel good and positive now this can be achieved through other ways other than being funny however if you still make people feel good positive and also make them laugh it’s over my friend being able to achieve this level of charismatic Nirvana means turning yourself into an absolute social Savage and king of all social interactions and who doesn’t want to be that cool dude that’s the life of the party that my friends are it.

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